Artistic Statement

 My artistic output comes from a quest for the truth—human truth. In working on dance scenarios, my search for authenticity drives all motion and expression. This reality may come about by creating layers upon layers so that it becomes twisted or dreamlike, but always, is based in expressing from truth. The questionable space between movement and drama in which reality, emotion, and discovery have endless possibilities, is the realm I like to explore.

            I like to view dance from an anthropological standpoint and to birth gestures and rhythmic patterns that range from pedestrian to virtuosic (often multi-culturally influenced), but are often accidental. I believe in chance and accidents, making jokes, falling, and failing, and from those events, conducting a movement score that fits the original choreographic ideas and sometime morphs them into new ones. Based on given tasks, improvisation proves to be an integral part of the process for whomever I’m working with and myself. I draw from real life—facial expressions, sounds, smells, objects, gestures, subtext. History and imagination are important sources for me. My hope is to fuel dances by my substantial interest in promoting justice and tell stories of voices unheard. Key elements of my work include society, often an international fascination, introspection into today’s issues.

            Using my strengths—humor and depth—I employ my own imaginative story when I dance and create. Based on my strong acting background, I am able to call forth any emotions and objectives to create a personal reality for the material. There is something behind what I do, no matter what it is. My thoughtfulness supports my artistry, and my care for others is the basis of my creative work. Inspirations, motivations, intentions that are critical parts of my artistic process include learning about real-life happenings, dialogue, human research, the news. The ability to collaborate and use other mediums (music, video, journalistic contributions, audience participation) is essential to me. Concepts and questions central to my work are how to use something like dance or theater to create awareness, catharsis, discussion and hopefully progress in issues affecting living beings and environment today.