Things people have said about Georgina's work:

            Daring. Vibrant. Exciting!

      Passionate, deep, integrated, stunning, seductive.


   Georgina's performances fearlessly spring from the            deepest parts of her...


She has a wonderful flow as a performer -- linked with a deep sense of musicality.  She has physical beauty and expressive beauty both.

 Georgina is magnetic. I couldn't take my eyes off of her!


A generous performer, giving all of her spirit to energize and excite the audience.


 She's an uninhibited mover who is one with the music


   Honest and present 

Full of grace and focus 

Onstage, Georgina is striking and inspired

Magical, riveting, gorgeous, powerful, exquisite, unique, charming

Amazingly graceful and luminous. She is a sensitive, of the highest order, highly professional, and enormously creative